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President Xi Jinping visits CAIH
News Summary: On 20 April 2017,during president Xi Jinping visits to Nanning Guangxi. President Xi participates in the meeting, which is hosting by Lu Dongliang, the chairman and president of China-ASEAN Information Harbor Ltd. President Xi gives some important recommendations after listening to the report of ‘China-ASEAN Information Harbor building process and demonstration’.
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The Vice-Premier Wang Yang investigates the construction of China - ASEAN Information Harbor
News Summary: During the investigation, Wang Yang, who is Central Committee and Vice Premier, hears the report of push forward construction and platform presentations of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, from the CEO Dongliang Lu, following some important instructions in Nanning Guangxi on 9th June 2017.
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Vice President of Guangxi Cadres University of Economics and Management, Wang Ping along with her delegation visits and communicates with China-ASEAN Information Harbor
News Summary: On 4th August, 2017, Vice President of Guangxi Cadres University of Economics and Management, Wang Ping along with her delegation visited and communicated with China-ASEAN Information Harbor through discussions and talks.
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China-ASEAN Information Harbor and Qualcomm America establish strategic cooperative partnership relationship officially
News Summary: China - ASEAN Information Harbor (abbreviation: CAIH) hold strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Qualcomm America (abbreviation: Qualcomm) in Nanning Guangxi on 30th June 2017.
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China-ASEAN Information Harbor Has Been Established Strategic Partnership with A Number of Famous IT Enterprises
News Summary: On 30th June, 2017, China - ASEAN Information Harbor has been held strategic partnership signing ceremony in Nanning, Guangxi with HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD., Zhongxing Telecom Equipment, System Applications and Products China(SAP), H3C, Digital China, Peking University Founder Group Corp.
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The Chairman and President of CAIH Dongliang Lu, Publishes Presentation at China Unicom International Partner Conference
News Summary: Lu Dongliang, the chairman and president of China - ASEAN Information Harbor, attends the China Unicom International partner conference, and publishes a presentation which subject is to build information silk road hand in hand, and shared development opportunities for the strategy of ‘The Belt and Road’ on 27th June 2017
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The Director of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Autonomous Region Li Ningbo Visited CAIH
News Summary: On 28th June 2017, Li Ningbo, who is the director of human resources and social security department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, visited CAIH, both archived agreements on the Internet + people's livelihood, signed up strategic cooperation.
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Signing Ceremony of Strategic Partnership Agreement between Future Network and CAIH to be Held Grandly
News summary: China - ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd. (abbr: CAIH) holds the strategic cooperation signing ceremony with Future Network in Nanning, Guangxi on 23rd June 2017. Both sides, as the leading players of respective field, holding excellent technical reserves and rich business resources, establish business partnership in the innovative technology application, technology innovation projects, Industrial Internet, Smart industrial park, and Smart City, around the application of the future network.
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Main Business

One Main Industry and Two Supporting Industries
To facilitate digital transformation and upgrade industry
Financial Services
To create a superb “connector” of industry, resources and customers
Trade in Services
To build digital platforms for trade facilitation


China-ASEAN Sugarcane-related platform

Sugarcane planting, production and Sugarcane-related products transanction are three key links in the entire sugar industry chain. We have built China-ASEAN Sugarcane-related platform. The platform provides one-stop online services for the whole trading process of Sugarcane-related products, including platform operation, financial service and other internet platform service.

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Office Platform for Guangxi Beibu Gulf Office

Office Platform for Guangxi Beibu Gulf Office is a unified enterprise information platform, which can realize professional systems management on document, contract, procurement, personnel, merchants, finance and others. It could break information island within the enterprise, and achieve information sharing and office collaboration among organization, departments, Staff and customers, to provide integrated enterprise information system solutions.

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Beihai City WIFI Project

Based on city wide free WIFI connection, the project is constructed by CAIH aiming to build a new generation of wireless city through big data analysis and cloud application. It is applicable for users to enjoy free WIFI connection with one single authentication process and it provides users with a unified access to administration, facilitation, news, stores and tourism services. It also provides the city administrators with real time WIFI operation presentation and supports the decision making process for the government.

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Wuzhou General Services Platform for Beneficial Information Project

Covering the Wuzhou Municipal Government Affairs Cloud Data Center, the“Internet + Government Services”platform and the Smart City Application Center, Wuzhou General Services Platform for Beneficial Information Project which relays on e-government extranet and the Internet is built to standardize business processes, collect data concerning basic information, administrative examination and approval, administrative services, administrative supervision and electronic licenses, from government department users, corporate users and individual users at all levels of provinces, cities, counties, streets, and communities, as well as build four business systems including integrated services, shared exchange, electronic monitoring, and decision support.

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Private Number for Didi Taxi travel

DiDi has applied the security privacy number service of CAIH cloud communication platform. Through the functions of voice calls and short messages, drivers and passengers can communicate through the same security privacy number for a short period of time. After the trip, the number will be invalidated, which effectively protected the privacy of personal information of both sides, and enhanced DiDi's control over the third party service with the functions of phone call recording and analysis.

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Cross-Border Financial Service Platform

Cross-Border Financial Service Platform consists of settlement service platform and financing service platform. The settlement service platform provides highly efficient cross-border settlement service for import and export enterprises, settlement center and border residents. And the financing service platform provides different types of cross-border financing service for enterprises both in China and abroad.

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Qingzhou bonded smart port (Phase I) project

The construction of Qingzhou bonded area smart port (Phase I) project in Guangxi makes it possible for real time monitoring on port data and providing big data service for companies and agencies operating in the port.The smart operation of the port has greatly improved its distribution and transportation capacity, which is capable of optimizing equipment and personnel allocation, monitoring and maintenance. Meanwhile, it is also capable of sensing potential risks and maintaining reliable port operation by monitoring the state of the goods, equipment, personnel and logistics.

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  • China Unicom Network Communications Co., Ltd
  • Nanning Wuxiang New District Construction Investment Company
  • Qianxun Weizhi Internet Co., Ltd
  • Guangxi International Expo Affairs Bureau
  • Guangxi China-Malaysia Industrial Park Investment Service Co., Ltd
  • Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group Co., Ltd
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Technology Institute (Guangxi Copyright Bureau)
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Industry and Information Technology Commission
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Commerce Department
  • Beihai People’s Government
  • Wuzhou People’s Government
  • Qualcomm
  • Zhongxing Telecom Equipment
  • System Applications and Products China
  • H3C Group
  • Digital China
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