City Brain

Industry Background

With the tide of global economic integration, urbanization is accelerating, and urban population continues to increase. The development of the city has become the main engine of China's economic growth and the main driving force for accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and upgrading the economic structure. At the same time, problems such as urban traffic congestion and increased pollution have become increasingly prominent, and the government s public management capabilities are facing increasingly severe challenges.

Market Demand

Privatization of information in various sectors of the city, weak cross-sectoral collaboration.

The business systems of various departments of the city are separately constructed, without unified top-level plan, which leads to the information islands of each department's business system. The information between departments is not interconnected, with low efficiency of collaborative work.
Insufficient capacity in urban data processing and analysis, lack of effective support for scientific decision-making
The city has accumulated a large amount of data, but it still needs to be further improved in terms of data governance integration, mining analysis, etc., and it cannot provide effective scientific decision data support for urban comprehensive governance.
With large number of business systems in various departments, it is difficult to operate and maintain.
After years of informatization construction, there are various business systems. For the government information management department, the support of centralized operation and maintenance service is urgently needed.

Product Service

CAIH city brain provides a complete solution of platform + operation + operation and maintenance with the concept of Gathering Connection and Use . The platform is a comprehensive operation management platform for information fusion and service collaboration, which mainly realizes the comprehensive perception, integration and sharing of urban operation management information, smart collaboration of business applications, and provides smart scientific decision support for urban managers; as for operation, CAIH, the operation can help the government to better carry out the operations of platform and city big data and better serve the public; as for operation and maintenance, business systems will fully undertake the centralized operation and maintenance of all systems of government departments to provide professional, high-quality and reliable operation and maintenance services for the government.

Application Scenario

Facing urban managers and focusing on smart city ecological construction, it involves cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technical fields and coverS Urban transport,government affairs, energy, environmental protection, tourism, logistics, education, finance and other industries.

Typical Cases

● Case Introduction - Wuzhou Services Platform for Beneficial Information Project

Wuzhou Services Platform for Beneficial Informnation Project covers the Wuzhou government cloud data center the “Internet+ government ”service platform and the Smart City Application Display Center. Relying on the electronic government network and the Internet, it will standardize business processes, collect data on basic information, administrative approval, administrative services, administrative supervision, and electronic licenses for government department users, enterprise users, and individual users at all levels of the province, city, county, street, and community, establish a general platform for information service for people in Wuzhou City, and build four business systems, including comprehensive services, shared exchange, electronic monitoring, and decision support. After the platform is opened, the citizens can accurately submit affairs information and materials according to the process through the case selection and the smart guidance function in the government service network, which helps to realize the online handling of government affairs, avoid repeated submission of materials, and simplify the procedures. At the same time, connecting the business systems of various departments through the shared exchange platform helps to break the information island, smooth communication channels, improve business synergy between departments, achieve the national goal of cross-regional, cross-departmental, cross-level one-stop application and business acceptance, and one network for all.

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